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Artist: John Wonnacott
[British painter, born 1940]

Title: Admiral of the Fleet Terence Thornton Lewin

Date: 1997-98
Medium: oil on board
Dimensions: 132 x 78 inches (335 x 198 cm)
Location: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK

Image size: 700 x 1227 pixels, 330 Kbytes
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John Wonnacott: Admiral of the Fleet Terence Thornton Lewin

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What the world needs now is love, sweet love, plus more painters who can do this. Wonnacott is one of the very few painters of our time who can do something approaching "Grand Manner" portraiture both brilliantly and believably.

However Wonnacott does reveal a true 20th-century esthetic in that he doesn't try to idealize the individual. Despite the fact that it's an enormous painting, the Admiral is actually depicted a little smaller than life size. He doesn't seem as grand as his surroundings, or even as grand as his uniform, which fits him like a suit of armor.

P.S. Mild rant directed at the NMM: can we apply a little numeracy, please? The painting's 11 feet high - is it really necessary to run that through a calculator and give the dimensions to the nearest tenth of a millimeter?
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