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Artist: John Kuhn
[American painter, born 1948]

Title: Peppermints

Medium: acrylic on board
Dimensions: 24 x 48 inches (61 x 122 cm)
Location: Rehs Galleries, New York City

Image size: 750 x 1545 pixels, 346 Kbytes
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John Kuhn: Peppermints

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It surprises me how few galleries put up really great scans like this amazing photorealist still life painting. This is an age where many art lovers will buy a work without having seen it in person, and everybody researches big purchases online. And yet most galleries decline to provide the size and quality of reproduction that a serious work of art requires.

These days people have big monitors and fast connections. They can view digital snapshots of their nephew's birthday party that are probably larger and crisper than any fine art scan they've ever seen. In my opinion both commercial and public art galleries are going to have to work hard to catch up to that.
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