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Artist: Pietro Perugino
[Italian painter, 1445-1523]

Title: Saint Benedict

Date: 1494-96
Medium: fresco
Dimensions: this detail approximately 20" x 30"
Location: Santa Maria Maddalena dei Pazzi, Florence

Image size: 645 x 939 pixels, 179 Kbytes
Image source: Web Gallery of Art
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Pietro Perugino: Saint Benedict

Detail image from The Pazzi Crucifixion. This mural has an unusual composition - it's a sort of trompe l'oeil painting which creates the illusion that the characters are actually present just beyond the walls of the church.

This particular image is also interesting in that the wall itself appears to be scored, like an engraving, in order to give form and texture to the saint's head and robes. It's probably another illusion, created by the use of paint, but this shows how well-preserved the fresco is.
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